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Traveler recreation in Paris


Paris is a busy city that never sleeps. Millions of tourists move through the city streets every day. Many of them are just passing through, but some like to stay in town and look for some fun activities to pursue. There are dozens of legendary locations, clubs, and places where tourists can engage in various activities all over the city. Here are some of these fun activities you can try if you ever find yourself in Paris.

Night time rollerblading

It does sound like nothing special, but rollerblading by night is a big thing in Paris. The entire movement started in 1993 by a couple of enthusiasts that loved to rollerblade their way through the city by dark. Today, well, the movement counts up to a couple of thousands of people. In fact, the group was so popular in the 90s, the French police formed a rollerblading unit in 1998, first of its kind in the world. Fun is guaranteed!

Ride a pony

Pony and donkey rides for kids are a normal thing in Paris. You can still find them in large parks and gardens such as the Parc Monceau, Luxembourg Gardens, Bois de Vincennes, and others. If you are the type of person that loves animals, you can spend the day with them in any of these parks.

Cycling tours for everyone

Bicycles are super popular in Paris. Millions of cyclists cruise the city streets every day, which is why you can easily find plenty of bicycle tours. If you don’t have a bike, you can rent one. These tours have specific themes, so you can learn about let’s say hidden streets of Paris, or the architecture, history, culture.

Swimming pools and other activities

cycleThe newest swimming pool in the city is quite unique because of the floating pool. It is located on the Seine river and it features all you need for an awesome time. You can relax at the cafe, workout at the gym, get a massage, chill out in a Jacuzzi, or have fun with friends in this modern open-air pool.

Buttes Chaumont will take your breath away

The Buttes Chaumont is a beautiful park located just north-east of Paris. It was built by Napoleon, who wanted to provide a beautiful setting with fresh air for all Parisians. The entire park was built by plan and every bolder, rock, lake, and island was placed with caution. As a result, the park is absolutely breathtaking and it is a place where you can see many artists as they try to capture this astonishing beauty on a piece of canvas.


Paris is full of parks and beautiful gardens, but it’s also surrounded by magnificent forests. Almost every park has a couple of small lakes that are just right for punting. You can rent a small rowing boat and relax on the water while looking at some of the prettiest sceneries in the world.

These are just some of the activities you can enjoy when you find yourself in Paris. A longer stay in the city will allow you to go on dozens of different interesting adventures and you can find something for yourself, no matter what your affinities are. Just like New York, Paris is a city that never sleeps.