We are a group of people who love sports and meeting new people. Since we all live in Paris for a long time, we realized that there are many tourists that want to work out, but they don't know where to do it. Sport is something that connects all of us together, so we decided to do the best possible thing by helping tourists that share our passion. That has helped us connect with hundreds of people from all around the world, many of which we consider friends today. Our organization is slowly growing. Some clients we had decided to make donations and help us build a gym that has everything in one place. The Dream Gym will become a name you'll instantly recognize when you come to Paris. Join us, make some friends, and work on your physique while you're at it. Our professional trainers are here to help you grow both mentally and physically.


Gary E. Pfeiffer

Gary has successfully finished dozens of marathons and half-marathons in his career. Running is his life and he loves teaching others the tricks of a true ultimate marathon runner.

Nannie Cox

Nannie Cox is a young fitness model with plenty of medals and cups under her belt. If you like to work out at the gym, she'll be there to give you some professional advice.

Somerville Covillon

Somerville was born in Paris and he has been jumping all over the rooftops and parks in the city. He knows all the best spots to practice your parkour moves.

Cloridan BĂ©land

If you want to work on your b-ball skills, Cloridan is your man. He can teach you some awesome crossover moves that will help you dominate the court, no matter where you play.