Top Things to Eat in Paris

French know how to dress, how to sing, how to write, and, of course, they certainly do master the secrets of cooking. The French cuisine is one of the most popular ones, but even such a popular cuisine includes unique dishes that must be tried only in Paris.

If it’s early morning outside of your window, then it’s croissant-time in Paris. They are probably the most common breakfast in the city. They call it Pain au Chocolat, best combined with coffee or espresso. I would also say hot chocolate, but the meal would be just too sweet. Another variation of sweet breakfast would be Pain au Raisin, which is basically the same thing as the croissant, only you have raisins instead of chocolate. Frankly speaking, chocolate croissant has always been a winner for me.

Photo by ulterior epicure

By the way, there are many people who don’t like to eat sweet things in the morning. They can go to a bakery and fetch a freshly-baked baguette.

Find a nice café or restaurant and stop for lunch there. You can start the meal with an onion soup. Many restaurants outside of France offer onion soups cooked in French style, well, it’s high time to try the original for further comparisons. It’s not merely a soup with onion chunks, artistic efforts are put into the bowl. I guarantee you will find the French taste much better.

Let’s go on to the original dishes, which are extremely French. Escargot. Does this name tell you anything? No? What about snails? It’s a crime to visit Paris and not try these cute little snails cooked in garlic, butter, and parsley. They are very typical to the country, almost a stereotype. True though, you will have to play with it to find out how to eat them. Also, they might be a little expensive, so prepare your wallet for a financial diet.

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The Chateaubriand is the best slice of meat which is equal to the Mona Lisa in the Louvre. Unlike the painting, you can bite the meat as much as you like.

Further on, we have Croque Monsieur or Madame. The dish consists of ham, cheese, and an egg omelet on top. I know it sounds very simple, you almost think why would someone go to a classy restaurant for that, you could make that back home too, but the Parisian dishes have a special taste.

When you’re done with your main course, but need some more Parisian adventures, try another French trick. Ask for fromage, and you will have a big variety of cheese driven to your table. However, remember that cheese is ordered in between the main dish and the desert.

Snacks are the easiest. You can find a crepe stand almost everywhere in Paris. And it doesn’t matter what you take it with, ham and cheese, Nutella and banana, or a whole new ingredient, crepes always taste like heaven. If you’re not familiar with the name, it’s simply a thin pancake with an additional ingredient on it.

Photo by Ayeshah Ijaz

Please don’t order French fries in Paris, even though they’re called French. They have gradually become a typical American food, and Paris will hardly have anything to amaze you with (unless the fries have the shape of the Eiffel Tower). Good food will be more expensive than fast food (which is great for budget travelers), but at least one Parisian meal is worth the savings.

While having a meal in a restaurant, feel yourself French and eat your food very slow, as if you enjoy your every bite. That’s how the French do.

Don’t forget to combine the dish with a fantastic French wine. Finally, finish the symphony with a delicious desert. You can also stop before serving the desert and set out to Le Maison du Chocolat for a yummy treat. Taste the macarons, those rainbow flavors will be the best way of raising your mood. They can be found everywhere, in every single Parisian bakery. Here’s a warning before you do the purchase, there’s never going to be enough of them.

Photo by ZakVTA

Not as exciting as macarons, Madeleine is also an option for French desert. They are sponge-like cookies . . . or cakes, they haven’t figured that out yet. They have a simple taste, which can go with an extravagant cup of hot chocolate. Moreover, they’re really easy to make, so try to ask for a recipe in a Parisian bakery. I don’t know if the baker will agree to share his secrets, but nothing is impossible.

If you’re already burning up with excitement, let me get you back to Earth. Some waiters behave very snobby when you order in English. If there’s a chance you can put together a more or less decent French sentence, then speak French and only French. No worries about the time, they will late till your last word. Thanks to that, your dish will be served with a smile, which is almost a victory in Paris.

Choose wisely, but bravely, say yes to new things like snails and frog legs. There is only one more thing to add, Bon Appetite!

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