The Most Loveable: Hotel Amour

There are hotels meant for honeymooners or just romantic people and those who don’t exclude the possibility of falling in love while in Paris. If you think it’s too old-fashioned, you must consider bringing some retro style into your life. It’s a very beautiful peculiarity of Paris, equal to the world-known stereotypes of Parisians. The city breathes love, wherever you go, the Louvre, the Rodin Museum, climb the stairs of the Eiffel Tower and you’ll see the whole city soaked in love fog.

Photo by ChrisGoldNY

If you are the kind of person that can see the above mentioned without demanding facts and proofs, Hotel Amour is your temporary home in this city. This 4-star hotel is designed with romance and imagination, every single room contains unique atmosphere, so strong it can change your mood  during your trip (add a nice Parisian book, and you’re ready to go).

The hotel belongs to Costes brothers (see another Costes Hotel here). In my humble opinion, Hotel Amour is one of the best hotels in the world. The staff is very friendly, which is expected due to the size of the hotel. You don’t get weird looks if you can’t speak French. In a word, you will hardly feel yourself a stranger here.

The Rooms

There are only 20 rooms in this hotel, a normal number for such boutique number, but a very small one for a good hotel in Paris. You will have to book very early, around 2 weeks prior to your visit, to make sure you have your love nest ready for a thrilling Paris vacation.

The summers in Paris can be quite noisy and full of people wherever you go. It’s more than natural that Hotel Amour can’t be an exception. What can  be better than a warm Paris night, starry sky, a bottle of great wine, and a hotel called Amour. This is why some of the rooms that face the cafe will be bothered by the outside cheers and voices. If you want complete peace and quiet in your chamber, ask the reception to give you another room.

Each room is designed separately, this is why you should look through the pictures before choosing. If a color like bright lime green causes depression for you, go for a room with softer color. When saying color, I don’t mean the rooms are all bright and cheerful, in fact, there are some rooms that are all black and white. The most important thing is that they look awfully like a movie set, where you are the main hero/heroine.

Photo by ChrisGoldNY

The designs were done by not one, but three designers, namely Alexandre de Bétak, M/M, Pierre Le Tan and designers, Marc Newson. The combination of all the creative minds involved in the process just has to be creative.

If you are a fan of photography, a professional or just a beginner, don’t forget to bring your camera and a few lights along. The design is very eye-catchy, provided you have your muse with you, you might get some really exciting shots.

This is the first time I can’t enumerate the room amenities and start with a flat-screen TV. Actually, there are no TVs in this hotel. No mega-modern bath tubs or any other modern technology. Instead, there are a number of erotic magazines, you won’t feel their lack, that’s for sure. Ironically, you can find iPod docks in the rooms. It can even be concluded that the hotel doesn’t want you to be glued to the TV screen, but it wants you to enjoy great music with great company.

The prices are not too high. Let’s say they’re OK for people who care about the accommodation and don’t want to save on it. The lowest room price is €110 for a single room) and €150 for a double room. The prices then go as high as around €300. Of course, the higher the price is, the better and more beautiful the room is.

Should You Or Shouldn’t You?

It’s always difficult to describe the best Parisian attractions, a bar or a hotel precisely, so that people can thoroughly understand the style. When saying romantic, I don’t mean the habit of bringing flowers to your loved one in the morning or giving a small kiss on her forehead. In this case, romantic is more than that.

The hotel is not too far away from the red light district of Paris, Pigalle. Yes, in addition to the world-famous French cabaret, there is also a red light district, just like in other countries of the world. This will probably give you an idea what kind of romantic I mean, romance with very high density of erotic elements.

Photo by ChrisGoldNY

Therefore, coming to Paris with a family and stopping at this hotel is definitely a big no-no. Bringing a girlfriend you’re not very sure about is also a no-no. Considering the amount of temptation spread around this hotel, you might end up spending the night alone.

Coming to this hotel with a bunch of adventurous friends is a great idea. This hotel can even be a part of your Eurotour, not as wild as in the movie, but within the same context.

If you’re young, adventurous, romantic, and in love with Paris, Hotel Amour is waiting for you. Make sure to break up with temporary girlfriends before heading here, your one and only love may be waiting for you there right now.

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