Spending or Wasting Money in Paris?

Europe is one of the most expensive destinations in the world. France is even more expensive. Its capital, Paris, needs no comments. If you’re planning to visit Paris for a long-term period and enjoy every single pleasure you can find in the city, then you’re a brave man.

I guess many people would ask “But how expensive is “expensive?” You can be sure that if you’re careful not to overspend, there will be some costs that will make you faint, but none of them will make you die.

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So, if you don’t want to spend money on things you were not supposed to, prepare your checklist for consideration.

Booking the Flight

The first problem you might come across is the plane ticket. Yes, people, it’s not a taxi or a bus, the plane ticket might cost you more than your hotel  (it mainly depends on how far you are traveling from). You need to plan your trip way ahead of your vacation. You will definitely win more if you start booking flights and hotel rooms off season. This is when the prices are usually down.

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If your upcoming trip is a surprise for you too, you have no other option than looking for late deals. Of course, there is a possibility of finding cheap late deals. But you might not always end up lucky. Late deals usually cost less if the airline company has given up hope to sell the tickets. You can catch a fatty discount there. But if you can’t postpone your trip in case you don’t find a good deal, you will be stuck paying as much money as they will demand.

Paris Pass

It doesn’t matter if you are not a fan of museums, in general. If you come to Paris, there are a few musts you should explore. The Louvre and the Rodin Museum are one of the key attractions. The bad thing is that the museums might cost a lot.

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Paris Pass will make your sightseeing much easier and pleasant. First, it will let you visit 60 museums, art galleries, and other monuments without standing in the queue or paying fees. Next, it includes a few great pluses, like wine tasting and river cruises. Knowing how famous French wine-making is, you shouldn’t miss this event.

Also, don’t forget the golden rule of doing small research on places you’re going to visit. This will turn your money from waste to an investment.

In a word, you will save more if you buy your sightseeing in a package called Paris Pass. Why spend money on things you can avoid?


Sometimes I think everyone needs a sign to remind himself/herself that it’s utterly meaningless to spend money on a taxi. You can walk, take the bus, the subway, you can rent a carriage, anything will make your time more interesting than taking a taxi.

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Most importantly, it will also cost you more. Taxi fees in Paris are not a joke. You might have to pay as much as 50 Euro for a ride.

Try to plan your tours on a map and adjust it to subway, bus, or train lines. Keep the option of taking a taxi only for times you have to go back to your hotel after midnight. Other than that, there are plenty of alternatives during the day.


Of course, everyone wants to bring home a small Eiffel Tower or paintings. Unfortunately, these are the things that will be an extra cost for you, and you won’t even be able to use them. Think like a souvenir shop owner. What do the tourists want? Find that out and raise the prices. You can get only one Eiffel Tower and look for other souvenirs after that.

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There are plenty of items that will make good, useful and cheap presents. The list includes cosmetics, chocolates, unique tea and coffee flavors, scarves, and so on.

Still, if you want a traditional souvenir, look for them in museum gift stores. You might find better deals than in souvenir shops in downtown.


There is no justification for not dining in a French restaurant in a French way and trying to talk at least some French, but you don’t have to do it every single day. Here’s a good trick that will help you save money on food. Have a really full breakfast. Get your food from a supermarket and eat well. Due to this, you won’t be starving by lunch time. Have a snack for lunch and find a nice place for delicious dinner instead.

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Paris vacations are known to be at the higher end of the price scale for European city breaks. If you are new to the city, don’t have any local friends to help you out, be prepared to spend a  good deal of Euros.

If you look back on your previous trips, you will find many purchases you regret. We like to buy things we don’t need and go to places that don’t interest us. Remember that money is limited, while the enjoyment you can get out of your vacation can be endless.

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