Souvenir Time!

Souvenirs are one of the biggest controversies of traveling. On one hand, you don’t want to spend money on pins and postcards and statuettes and anything else you can never actually use. But on the other hand, cities like Paris demand more than photos and memories. We all want to have a mini-Eiffel at our house. Also, you can always be creative with gift ideas and get your friends items they can somehow use. Let’s go through a small list of souvenir ideas.

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French Cook-book

Have you ever seen the movie Julie and Julia (2009)? If yes, then you do understand why I have included cook-books in a souvenir list. French cuisine is worth trying at home. I can bet you have a few friends or relatives that love trying out new things in the kitchen. They always experiment dishes with wine, new cooking techniques, etc. A cook-book containing all the secrets of French food will be a perfect idea.

In addition to this, don’t limit yourself with the cooking theme, there are many other books about Paris or France, in general, that will be a valued gift by your romantic friends.

Eiffel Statuettes

I am for usable souvenirs in all cases, but there is something about these Eiffel Tower statuettes I can never resist for. This souvenir speaks for itself, you don’t have to explain anything, where it came from, what it means, and such nonsense.

You can simply wrap up the gift with a very nice paper, preferably with some Parisian prints on it and tell your friend “Hey, I brought Paris for you.” Frankly, your friend might get a little disappointed after expecting a paid holiday package at Hotel Amour and not getting it, but . . . life is cruel. Fortunately, you can never go wrong with this purchase  . . .well . . in the majority of cases.

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If you have never been to Paris, you might think that Parisian girls are always on diet and sweets are to be avoided. You should see the number of sweets stores in Paris, you would definitely change your mind. Therefore, one of the best usable souvenirs you could bring back is chocolate or macrons.

The variety of chocolate is so big that I can’t even suggest you specific kinds. The only thing I can recommend for sure is the store Maison du Chocolat. It’s like a real heaven for those who are ready to sell their soul for a piece of tempting chocolate. Only make sure not to get carried away with your own desires. Find out if your friend has any allergies to milk, chocolate, nuts, anything that can be in the ingredient list.

Other French sweets are also delicious, but these two have already become traditional gift choices.


French drinks are popular in the whole world. I have mentioned only Parisian wine, because it’s probably the only neutral drink, there will hardly be anyone who won’t drink wine at all.

There are many possibilities for wine tasting in Paris, you can include one of them in your sightseeing check-list and find a nice bottle for taking back home. At least, you’ll definitely know what it tastes like. Other than that, you can get a decent French cognac, famous in the whole world. Only don’t forget that not everyone will like cognac.

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I don’t know it’s the movie Perfume or the fame of Paris as the fashion, but perfume is always the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about gifts. This gift has a very big plus and a very laaarge minus. The plus is that it’s from Paris, the name speaks for itself. Moreover, you can get the perfume from a museum shop, like the one at Fragonard. It’s a perfume museum, where you can also get some perfumes of various price ranges.

If the person is too important for you, try some of the most expensive and classy scents, the ones that are well advertised. You will definitely get a big WOW from the receiver.


Clothing is number one souvenir for teenagers or fashionistas of all ages. Everyone likes new cloths (I admit, there are also people who value original-tasting food even more). The problem is are you good enough in fashion? Because buying Parisian cloths for others is very tricky, make sure to find out her taste, style, preferences, ask her or his friends, siblings, and so on.

Scarves are especially interesting, remember to pay them considerable attention when shopping at the malls. It would be awesome if you could find an elegant silk scarf with Parisian prints on it so that whenever your friend wears it, she feels like hugging Paris.

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If you are ready to spend big numbers on artwork, then go ahead, this city is one of the best places to do it. You can get some great artwork from art museums, auctions, and simply stores. If you find a flee market, that may also be a nice souvenir source.

This much about the souvenirs I would definitely get for my friends and family. At the end, I would like to mention that there are hundreds of thousands of things you can get, numerous ideas you can come up with. Just remember, you’re not shopping for yourself , but for others. There will be a win-win result if you get to know the person before buying something for him. No one likes their money to go wasted, but everyone loves receiving great feedback on their presents.

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