Seven Hotel Controversy

There are very few countries in the whole world, where the majority of hotels are unique in every way. Paris is an exception. Parisian hotels consider it as matter of pride to have super-modern rooms. So, here’s another example of super-modern accommodation in this city, it’s called  Seven Hotel.

It’s not too luxurious, but it’s not simple as well. There are 4 stars next to the name. Seven hotel is located in Latin Quarter. The location is close to central, which means you can still walk to the best attractions. For example, it’s only 10 minutes away from Luxembourg Gardens. There are also many street markets nearby, make a trip to those markets and get some snacks to keep you going throughout the day.

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Most importantly, the staff is very friendly and will greet you so well, you’ll feel at home here more than at your own house.

The number of rooms is 35, and when you firmly make up your mind to stay here, start booking immediately. The fantastic interior design is guaranteed. As I mentioned earlier, every room has a specific design, but they still have some common features. The amenities are include a flat-screen TV, iPod dock, free Wi-Fi,and, attention please, a special TV channel, which can control the fragrance of the room. I’ve seen a lot of things in my life, but this one blew my mind away. Considering the fact that there are always many artistic travelers wandering the Paris streets, this can be a big plus for the hotel. After all, the competition is fierce around here, boutique hotels are becoming more and more in number.

The suits with fibre-optic lighting are the masterpieces. They are for people who are picky design-wise and like fresh things (because they have seen too many magnificent phenomena in their lives).

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There is enough space in the rooms to move around, store your package and feel comfortable. No, there is no space for running around, building houses from your luggage . . . in a word, there is no space for things you don’t need to do while traveling. You need that room for sleeping and resting. The beds are spacious, so sleeping will not be an issue, resting can be done differently. If you like watching TV (if you understand the language, of course), you can sit or, lie on the bed. besides you can take out the most necessary items and store the bags under the room, there’s definitely a lot of space there.

Therefore, this hotel is meant either for single adventurers or romantic couples. Families with children will hardly find this a comfortable accommodation. By the way, you can try and ask for an upgrade. It might work and if the hotel is not crowded, you may get a more luxurious room for less money. There are some success stories, so be brave and give it a try.

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Breakfast is served in a restaurant and it’s a buffet! This means you can have a full meal in the morning and avoid wasting too much money during the day. If there are any artistic budget travelers here, who don’t consider the price for a luxurious hotel a waste of money, this could be a little help. Having said this, I really don’t think budget travelers should go for this hotel. It’s really expensive, and you can spend the price for one night on a few museums and a couple of restaurants.

On the contrary, if you do have some money to spend, Seven Hotel experience will be unforgettable. Just picture this, some of the suits have shower cabins with neon lights. Taking shower in that cabin, singing a few hits, it’s a real solo concert. If you’re looking for some romantic adventures, this room will be a good way to impress the target. It’s like living in a club, I can bet party fans will love it.

Ironically, with all that luxury the hotel is not that rich with conveniences. There is no fitness center, no pool, and so on. However, you can get some relaxing massage, that’s for sure.

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There is a little controversy around this hotel. Some people really love it, others claim it was a fail. I think the main problem is the space. American travelers usually like bigger rooms to move around. Europeans, on the other hand, like it smaller, because they’re already used to it. I’m not insisting on the stereotypes, but it’s better not to take the risk.

Well, this much about Seven Hotel. It’s comfortable, it’s modern, fresh and daring. It’s also expensive, but the price is worth the experience. My personal advice would be to check the other hotels like Hotel Amour, Hotel Apostrophe, Hotel Costes . . . there are so many of them. You might find another room that will appeal to your design sensibility and pocket. In any case, be careful with the choice, read the reviews, and Seven Hotel is also worth the consideration. It’s a place that simple calls for having fun and going on adventures.

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