Passion in Paris Fashion

When I tell people that Paris is the capital of fashion, the first reactions are not always clear. Everyone believes that best fashion labels are based in Milan or London. Fashion weeks in those cities keep getting better and better every year. Having said that, I’m more than sure that Paris will continue to hold the fashion crown for another few years. So, if you’re a fashion addict or a shopaholic (both conditions are welcome here), here are the top labels and designer houses you should hunt.

Note that that all of the labels are purely French. They represent the French culture in some way. Hence, if there’s a friend back home that shares the same passion for fashion, you need to get him or her a worthy gift. Let’s start the countdown.

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Christian Dior

Oh, Dior, Dior! It’s the most exquisite and sexy house in the whole world, not just in Paris. It was founded in 1947 by Christian Dior and entered the top list in a matter of a heartbeat.

While there are a few designers working in this house, the style always remains the same. It’s glamour, sexiness, and elegance all in one package. It’s meant for women who don’t mind being sexy and mystical at the same time. I’d also say that Dior is not for everyone. If you don’t perceive the style, maybe it’s better to go with another label.

Haute Couture collections are usually astonishing, so if you manage to attend a Dior fashion show while in Paris, you’ll become an object of jealousy by millions of women out there. It’s also my favorite house, so expect some feminine jealousy from me too!

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Everyone knows Coco Chanel, even if you’ve never seen her. You’ll know her from photos or movies, at least. Coco found her designer house in 1909. Today this name is one of the most popular ones in the international fashion arena. However, the style and the collections are not always suitable for everyone. I would personally say that Chanel clothing is not meant for the youth. Women in their 30s, 40s and higher will appreciate the style more.

So, Chanel is probably the best option for your older sisters, mother or grandma. Believe me, they will definitely recognize the name.

Photo by Gerard Stolk (vers le 25e juillet)

Jean-Paul Gaultier

The style is very creative and interesting. If you have some daring friends, who like to try new things and set the trends themselves, Gaultier is not a bad option for a gift. It’s actually a little bit of everything in there, a little bit of punk, a little rock, some feminine elements (in both genders), and whatever else you can think of. Stripes and kilts are among the trademarks. You can even find a skirt for your husband or best male friend, Gaultier has got a lot of them.

The house is quite young in comparison with other veterans, it was established in 1976.

Photo by Gerard Stolk (vers le 25e juillet)

Louis Vuitton

First Louis Vuitton store was opened in 1854. You can’t beat that one, can you? If you want to buy something from this label, go for the bags. Vuitton has started as a packer for Napoleon III’s wife. Only then did it start to offer clothing.

Unfortunately, it’s also one of the most copied labels, which is why you can see their label in the streets way to much. Despite that, real Louis Vuitton differs with quality, and this feature is quite rare.

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Even if you don’t remember the name, you’ll definitely remember the little crocodile. It was founded in 1933.

Lacoste is comfortable, more sport-oriented clothing. You don’t wear it parties and special evenings. You can wear it to shopping though! If you have some golfer friends, consider the perfect gift found. The collections are always reserved and neat, it has some bright colors, but the designs are always simple, nothing too flashy. You can easily wear them during your sightseeing tours. the footwear is immensely comfortable for museum visits.

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Christian Louboutin

Shoes, shoes, and everything about shoes. A pair of Louboutin shoes might even win you a date, if there is someone special to impress. Louboutin handbags are also a hit. There is not a strict style, so you can find a gift here for everyone. Of course, don’t expect to save up, because good things are expensive. All of the above mentioned labels cost a lot. Remember that it’s better to pay the  real price, than be greedy and end up with fake Louboutin shoes. In fact, it’s not that fakes are very cheap, after all, they’re imitating magnificent labels.

By the way, some of the dancers at Crazy Horse wear Louboutin shoes.

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The label was established in 1992, and it’s already an undeniable value all over the world. And why are we surprised when the French get snobby? Their literature and music prove their mastery in art. Now, you can add fashion to that list as well. And the mentioned labels are not the only good ones, Paris has much more to amaze you with. However, if I went on enumerating every single label, fashion house and designer, you’d be reading a full-size encyclopedia now.

I hope you understand that it’s not only about sightseeing or choosing a unique design hotel. France has the leading fashion industry, and no matter how closely related you are to fashion, you need to know the names, at least. Make your own choice and don’t forget to find your passion in fashion.

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