Paris for Men

France is a country of stereotypes. The best, the strangest, and the most unbelievable stereotypes escape from this country. Moreover, the majority of them are related to Parisians. So, here’s one more, this time not about the people, but the city. They say Paris is a destination for women. Is it really true?

Well, I would say it’s partially true. The majority of women dream about Paris. One of the reasons is the status of the city as the world capital of romance and fashion: two things women would kill for. But it doesn’t mean that men don’t have anything manly to do here. Let’s go over a few vacation ideas for men in Paris.

Photo by philippe leroyer

First and foremost, women! We’ve already agreed on the female desire upon Paris. So, if all unique and beautiful women are gathered in one place, men should consider that place as one of the best vacation destinations. It actually gets even better, women come here to find real men and romance. Dear men, you can do both of those requirements, so do them!

Think as a women, where would you go to find a prince? Las Vegas, Ibiza, Bangkok . . . women know that men go to these destinations to party and forget about it later. They don’t even keep the memories as souvenirs. Real women make smarter decisions and look in targeted places.

Another very manly activity is . . . guess . . . a bachelor’s party. The Hangover movies set a new record on the adventures, so you’ve got to catch up. Luckily, Paris happens to have the best cabarets and the best nightclubs. Again, there will be a lot of women out there having their own bachelorette party, let the competition start!

Photo by philippe leroyer

Get together with the guys, start with a nice wine-tasting tour. Turn the good mood ON and go for the nightlife.  There are many cabarets in Paris, go through the list and choose the one that corresponds to the fantasies of the day. Moulin Rouge and Crazy Horse are the top ones. Moulin Rouge is more classic and colorful, while Crazy Horse is more modern. You can also try a few bars after the cabaret. Remember that the ultimate women-attracting topics are dogs, art, and traveling. These three work in the majority of cases.

So, when you come back, you need a place to rest for the night . . . or continue the party. Parisian hotels are all great and somehow the same. They all have the same Parisian style. The only difference is the level of luxury. Considering the fact that you were at bars and cabarets, the less luxurious it is, the easier check-out you’ll have.

Hotel Amour is the best option, if you ask me. It’s got the atmosphere and the style. However, make sure you have a company, otherwise the night might turn out to be a little sad.

You must also check the policies of the hotel, they might not allow gatherings at nights. You can easily sneak into your room in big hotels, but that won’t be the case with design hotels. They are too small and friendly, there is very little chance your party-army will remain unnoticed.

Photo by philippe leroyer

If there’s a chance you’ll end up paying for ruined furniture, choose from some of the  cheaper hotels.

Ok, say there are no friends getting married in the near future, what will you do? You can join real bachelor party people, make up a story and go celebrate it, or be more serous about your vacation. If you’re not a budget-traveler and are looking for some things to spend money on. Visit a few museums, attractions, and invest in art! If you’re looking for a work that will look great in your house and has the chance to bring huge profit in ten years Paris will be the place to find one.

The best art masterpieces are centered here, artists from all over the world crave to live in Paris. Speak to the locals, specialists in museums, or search the Net. The advice will come handy if you’re not well knowledgeable in art. Art and, especially your own collection of works, is a great conversation starter.

Photo by dbking

Organize your own exhibition or event if you’re an artist yourself. You may earn a quick breakthrough to the higher layers of your career.

I know this may sound too primitive, but it actually makes a difference. Do take a lot of pictures in Paris. Wherever you put them up, there’s going to be a serious female interest in you. Women like men who will agree to visit Paris without their persuasive technologies. Also, Paris is a good opportunity to refresh the wardrobe and get some stylish cloths. Interestingly, you might not see a lot of good street fashion, but there’s definitely some at the stores and boutiques.

See, Paris is not that girly. It’s not only about fashion weeks and honeymoons. There’s also a lot of great activities for men. Oh, common, there’s one great activity for men, WOMEN! It’s more than enough to make any vacation special. I guess, Paris is also a part of the men’s world.

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