Le Bellechasse: Inspiration All Around

Paris is the capital of art, all kinds of art. Although the city already has a title related to romance, there can always be another one. And the new would be completely true as well. There are dozens of museums, and all of them are equally wonderful. This is why sightseeing mostly consists of museum-going in Paris. You just can’t miss the Louvre, or Musée de l’Orangerie.

However, it’s natural that museums must be filled with art. The thing is literally everything in Paris breathes art. Books, movies, streets, cuisine, even hotels . . . By the way, there’s an absolutely fantastic hotel we’re going to discuss today. In a word, the city is a home for artistic spirits, no matter where you come from. Stereotypes don’t matter as long as you’re a Parisian at heart.

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The hotel is called Le Bellechasse.

The location is one of the best pluses. It’s located right in downtown, more specifically, in in Saint-Germain. It’s close to a number of attractions like Musée d’Orsay. Such an advantage will let you walk most of the time, not having to take the public transport or a taxi. In fact, the taxi might “cost” you around 2-3 museums. If you’re on a budget travel, this is a huge price. On the contrary, what are you doing reading about Le Bellechasse if you’re on budget travel? Don’t tempt yourself, remember why you are visiting Paris and move on to sightseeing or comparatively cheaper hotels.

Those, who agree to pay a good amount of money for a unique design hotel, read on.

There is everything outside the hotel just across the street or next to it. You don’t have to walk too far to get some money from the ATM, there’s a metro station right next to the hotel (this means you’re connect to the whole city), and, of course, there’s a flower shop just in case you meet someone special.

Just across the street you’ll see the incredible Tuileries Gardens, and from there you can walk to Louvre or the Eiffel Tower. Paris is all open for you.

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Each one of the rooms is different. This means that you and your neighbor wake up in a totally different environment, which can have an impact on the upcoming day. I suggest you look through the pictures and choose the room according to the design, the one that inspires you the most. There are a lot of wall paintings, butterflies, birds, and so on.

On the whole, there are three room types: Discovery, Original, and Privilege. Privilege rooms are naturally the most expensive ones. There are 33 rooms, all of which are designed by . . . attention needed here . . . the famous fashion designer Christian Lacroix. Just imagine, thousands of people dream about wearing the clothes he designs, and you have the chance to actually live in a room of his design. Christian Lacroix always has a royalty tone in his collections, the same theme can be seen in the rooms.

The rooms have iPod stations, free WiFi, flat-screen TV, cable service, and so on. The bed is super-comfortable, room service is great, in a word, you’ll hardly find anything to complain about.

If you’re into fashion (just an enthusiast or a beginner on its way to Paris Fashion Week), this hotel will make your vacation complete.

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On the second thought, the interior design is so beautiful, you might want to stay in the room the whole day. It’s also an option, finding new French friends, ordering French meals, celebrating bachelorette parties of people you don’t know . . . it surely sounds very fun, but only after the sightseeing tour. Don’t even think of enjoying the room if you haven’t visited the key attractions.

Here’s another plus you’ll not find in other hotels. All 33 rooms are soundproof. You can make as much noise as you’d like. No one will come knocking on your door in the middle of the night. You can also organize a few romance adventures, if you know what I mean.

If you’re not an adventurous type of person, then you’ll be able to sleep like a baby at nights, when your neighbor next door, who is the adventurous type of person, is having a blast.

The staff is very friendly and speak a few language. They’re always be glad to greet new guests. The breakfast is more than delicious. Every morning will start with the tasteful notes of French and International cuisine.

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This is another hotel where inspiration is in the air. If you work in a sphere where creativity and art are valued, this hotel would be the best accommodation during your vacation. You’ll go back full of new and fresh ideas. I guarantee, your boss will be more than happy.

The best of French traditions and classic art are gathered in this building. Yes, it’s a little pricey, but the features pay off every single euro you pay for the room. Let’s just enumerate the pluses once again. Le Bellechasse offers gorgeous design, delicious breakfast, central location, friendly stuff, and much much more. Enjoy your stay!

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