Hotel Du Louvre Paris: A Parisian Luxury

Everyone who travels to Paris wants to fall into a fairy-tale, and that’s more than natural. The city of love imposes its romantic atmosphere on you. You want to dress well, eat well, visit the best places of the city and stay in the most luxurious hotel.

Unfortunately, the last criterion is a little tricky. You can read many official reviews that will talk the best about a hotel, but later find out that the reality is not that positive. I’m not insisting that the hotel we are about to talk about is in the above mentioned category, but you shouldn’t ignore the possibility. This is an important issue especially after reading the visitor reviews, some of them are not so encouraging.

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Hotel Du Louvre. The name is already enough to run up to the phone and make reservations. And really, there can be no better idea than traveling to Paris and staying in a Louvre Hotel.

The hotel is still luxurious, and it should be because the number of the stars is 5, but don’t expect gazing on Mona Lisa or other legendary artworks before falling asleep. That’s the other Louvre you must visit.

The best part of Hotel du Louvre is its location. It is more than an average tourist dreams of. Imagine that you don’t have to take any transport or taxi to get to the city center. Your hotel is already there. This is perfect for planning your sightseeing because the building is very close to the key attractions of Paris, including the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower and the Palais Royal.

The Rooms

There are 5 rooms available for guests: Superior, Superior Twin, Deluxe, Deluxe Twin rooms and Junior suite. The rooms include satellite TV, a minibar, free Wi-Fi access, air-conditioners, and so on. Every single room in this building has a fantastic view. Some of them face the parks of the hotel, others to the historic sites and the world-famous boulevards of Paris.

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All rooms are soundproof, this means that you won’t be bothered by couples having their passionate honeymoon next door or by a family with hyper-active kids. This also means that you can’t bother your neighbors, hence, you are free to do anything you want in your room.

As many guests testify, rooms are usually not ready when you get there, so be sure to make special reservations or call them so many times that they learn your name. Despite this, if you’re OK to leave your belongings at the reception and wander around the city while your room is being prepared, there is no need to bother with numerous calls. If you’re on a short-term visit, then try not to lose the precious time.

Other Amenities

There is no special parking lot for hotel guests, so you have to get comfortable on the public parking area.

You can also do business here. There is a business center that works 24 hours a day.

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The food is absolutely fantastic. You will find the most French dishes in the hotel’s restaurant. Fresh, delicious, mouth-watering… You just need to try it.

The hotel also has a few bars, where you can relax in the evenings and have a glass of most famous French wines. Considering France’s fame in cognac production, you have some very hard choices to make. And, of course, if you are more for a simple lifestyle (although I can’t see how you can be for simple lifestyle and choose this hotel for accommodation), there is always a bottle of beer available in the bar.

The Ghost

Although it’s not a very discussed topic, the hotel is said to have a ghost. This is usually not taken seriously, just a fun joke. Otherwise, some would think it’s becoming a new hotel tendency to be haunted, maybe similar scenario Hollywood films are to blame.

This was just a short notice, . . . but . . . still . . . . be attentive not to have your hat floating in the air. If you hear knocks in your room in the middle of the night (remember, the rooms are soundproof), don’t behave as an average horror movie victim, turn on the light and don’t go checking the rooms in the darkness. This is usually how you meet your ending.

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We got too carried away with horror matters, let’s come to the hotel itself. It has already been mentioned that Hotel du Louvre has 5 stars. If you have never been to a truly 5-star hotel, you might find the place awesome but experienced travelers will notice that there are some crucial minuses.

One of them is the price level. Everything costs money here. If in case of the restaurant the spending is justified, the rooms and the service might not leave you happy and satisfied. A simple dinner may cost you more than 100 Euros. This is not a price for a budget traveler. So check out the prices for absolutely everything before heading to the hotel. Besides, look for additional fees that may apply in special cases.

Despite the disadvantages of the hotel, you should remember that the outcome of your trip depends only on you. You should never depend on for making your time in Paris the best you have ever had. The same refers to the hotel. Yes, there are some cons, but there are also many pros like the location and the style. And those are enough to build up your magical experience in the best city of the world.

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